Let’s Blame Discomforting 16-Year-Old Sex Appeal on the Outfits

It comes as no surprise that The Runaways, the new biopic about a ‘70s all-girl band of the same name, did so much of its promotion through clothing/makeup companies. Urban Outfitters, Make Up Forever, and even Express (which I kind of hate now for being such a diligent marketer of a limited selection of overpriced and utterly boring club looks for boring people who go to clubs) wanted me to enter their contest to attend the movie’s premier.

It makes sense, because this is the best style-watching movie I’ve seen in a long time. It’s really inspiring eye candy from a film that is also objectively impressive. You can get your 70s fashion fix by renting Shampoo, but that movie is boring and sort of  horrible. So make it easy: see this gem of cinema, okay? Even 1-coat-of-mascara girls like me will get the intense urge to put on copious amounts of eye shadow. It was fun to see Kristen Stewart shimmy into leather pants and safety pin a spray-painted tee together (she does a great job as Joan Jett, by the way, my fellow Twilight-haters), but Dakota Fanning got the best wardrobe as jail bait singer Cherie Currie. God, I love sexed-up, shameless 70s shit: sequins and shiny fabrics, high-waisted pants, jumpsuits, baby doll tees, and platform boots that may or may not have turned me into a foot fetishist.

It probably doesn’t take a detective to figure this out, but those tight, red pants Fanning wears during the David Bowie lip-syncing scene have got to be these from American Apparel:

Disco Pants in red (ow!ow!)

Personally, I think you’d get enough attention squeezed into these in the more wearable black version. But go for it if you’ve got $78 and a talent show coming up…


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