Graphic Graphic Tees

Some things are more funny than they are awkward. Like watching a softcore porno with a strained plot line in the company of a coed group of 5 or more people.

Other things are more awkward than funny, like this shirt for the commonly wild 20-something:

Doe Wasted Day Raglan, $14.99

Wearing a top that says “IF YOU’RE NOT WASTED THE DAY IS” doesn’t make you the life of the party. It makes you an alcoholic.

Young guns, please respect your maybe bright future, or at least the rules of punctuation. There should be a comma in there.

Urban Outfitters has a few more funny tees that are on sale for a reason:

Truly Madly Deeply “Rebound” Scoop Tee, $14.99

Had a nasty breakup and finally ready to wear something other than a bathrobe? Throw this tee on for a party (preferably one where your ex will be in attendance) to publicly expedite the angry-sad mistaken hook-up process. Accessorize with a bottle of Jack Daniels, personal anecdotes, and shame!

B!tch Is the New Black Tee, $14.99

Um…no. I could say I’m anti-bitch, but shouldn’t, considering how I would harshly judge the identity management of a girl wearing this. This would only be funny on a straight male…if he’s that into irony. It’s almost as unnecessary as a previous season’s “Broke is the new black” tee. Perfect for people who have an expendable $25 for the purpose of looking like they don’t have an expendable $25.

Also, for the record: black is the only black. Done.


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