Someone Get On This Mash-up

WHY would you listen to Kelly Clarkson’s latest single when you could just listen to “I Turn My Camera On” by Spoon?

Groovy-goofy falsetto instead of that undying din from the winner of an ancient season of American Idol, which I guess is/was a televised competition for who has the most boring voice in the nation. Enough pity parties, Kelly. Go get photoshopped by more conniving women’s magazines. (I’m looking at you, Self)

Maybe it’s just me. Admittedly, the similarity ends when the chorus hits and turns the whole mess Bollywood or something. That’s why I find it more appropriate to post this shoddy hand-held footage of boys in a locale that looks even hotter and dustier than Clarkson’s native Texas. Hey, it said “official video,” so we can make pretend that her label is going an avant-garde direction.

Wait a minute: Spoon is from Texas, too. The evidence is piling up….Britt Daniel and Kelly Clarkson are THE SAME PERSON.


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