Identity Theft: Amanda Blank

She’s a chick, she’s white, and yeah, she can rap with more speed and more balls than any of her many collaborators. She also a has a strong sense of style. So what’s the uniform of a get’em girl? Here are a few basics that say “bitch MC,” “supafreak,” and “I sort of look like Amanda Blank right now.”

Vintage 1980s Door-Knockers, Girl Props $8.99 (

Costume jewelry that won’t gut your paycheck: because you want to be  the kind of girl who can buy her own drinks. Not that you’ll have to…

Nikita Bra, Agent Provocateur $150 (

However, you can’t very well wear cheap lingerie after getting famous off sex-fueled hip hop tracks. Here’s the catch, rule breakers: wear it under the following…

Zipper Back Pocket Tank, LNA $34.50 (

The Tight Jean in Very Stretch Black, Cheap Monday $65 (

Pumps, Chanel,  $You-don’t-wanna-know.00

“In just Chanel pumps I throw my legs up / and if you’re ready you can get it any time you want” Ah, the new feminism.

Those cigarette earrings are almost TOO classy, right? Prepare to pair them with your own faux fur of choice, ’cause they’re easily attainable:

Cigarette Earrings, $5.99 Girl Props (

I think you can even wear them indoors.

So hey, listen through this oldie but goodie if you’re not in the workplace and aren’t offended by offensive lyrics:


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