Wildfox Couture for the Win

I know, it’s only an overpriced t-shirt that I could probably recreate with press-on athletic letters, but I like it!

“IT’S ONLY ROCK N’ ROLL” tee, Wildfox Couture $68 (singer22.com)

It’s just kind of awesome. And I’m one of the few people who doesn’t care about The Rolling Stones at all. The only thing that could scare me away is the price tag (is it because couture is in the name?)…or perhaps that model’s weird snarl.

This label seems to be getting a lot of attention lately. I think the very young, very California (and always made of jersey) pieces are hit or miss, but the hits hit hard. I damn near bought the “MATH SUCKS” tee from an online sample sale. If you’re in the market for something printed with French icons, skeletons, ice cream, or declarations of your wildness and/or foxiness, hit it up : wildfoxcouture.com


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