Hubba Hubba Hubble

By request, a post about space:

After like 2 and 1/2 courses in the subject, I am something like an astronomer (as Karen O would put it). So, even though fashion this spring is filled with an atypically typical bombardment of floral, I still like all things spacey. And I don’t mean Kevin. But, for the record, I do like Kevin Spacey. Fittingly: Everyone should go watch “Moon” (in which he does the voice for a robot) because it’s slow-burning, psychological sci-fi magic.

Anyway, here are some ideas for your next event horizon:

Galileo “Viva Heresy” T-shirt, Cafe Press $24 (

There’s another nerdy-cool Galileo tee that says “Don’t tell the Pope.” I think my professor should buy me one as payment for having to think about the related cosmological conflict for soo loong this semester.

Metallic Meteors eyeshadow in Deep Space, Too Faced, $19.50

This eyeshadow has a neat lid like a telescope lens and will probably last you until the sun burns out. I’ve got it in “Moon Beam.” Most shades are black with swirls of super-pearly color, stellar for doing a smoky eye.

Gilette Venus razor cartridges:


Star and Daisy Bracelet, JewelrybyKsKreations on Etsy, $24

Made of Swarovski crystal stars, sterling silver links, and a pretty random daisy charm that I like because I don’t fear what I don’t understand.

Bronzing brush, SPACE.NK $28 (

Last but also least:

(courtesy of

Here is a  heel that only an alien or Lady Gaga (same diff) could pull off. This design is harder to understand than String Theory.


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