Air Quotes are Annoying

Ear quotes are adorable.

Quotation Mark Stud Earrings by Tom Binns

These are apparently “sold out.” Which means you can’t “have them” even though they’re “subtly” dorky and cute.

But here’s the second best offering from Tom Binns, whose jewelry is really awesome, forgiving a skeleton or two (faux goth stuff is getting old for me).

Keyhole Ring, $50 (

It’s Alice in Wonderland inspired (also getting tired of that…), but not silly and quite pretty.

Ready for the wild card?

Bracelet, Tom Binns, $600 (

Huh? It’s a watch-shaped bracelet. Plated with 24-k gold. A piece that truly says “I have way too much money to give a shit what time it is.”

You can quote me on that.


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