Identity Theft: Cat Power

You Are Free…to be a copy Cat.

No girl should have to get through being 15 years old without Cat Power’s music. Or being 20. Or ever. And if you’re a dude, you need her, too. Chan Marshall is probably my favorite female singer. Her songs are as timeless as her style. Though she’s notoriously emotionally fragile, her clothing choices are steady as a rock. Few women look as sexy in designer duds as she does in rumpled menswear.

Without further ado, here are some Chan-reminiscent pieces I like but shouldn’t wear all at once since I’ve already outed my girl-crush and already have her haircut…

Equipment military top in navy, $178 (

But, by all means, get the same shirt from the army surplus or something for not-triple-digits.

Aubaine boxing gloves necklace, $28 (Urban Outfitters)

Just like the album cover  for The Greatest (which is not her greatest record, okay, but it’s a sweet necklace).

Speaking of gloves, she’s seems to perpetually wear black, fingerless gloves. I can’t stand microphone chafing either, Chan! Why is everything hard?

Asos leather pin-studded gloves, $30.44 (

I wouldn’t normally suggest studded things anymore, since the mega-trend is  getting stale (Marc Jacobs said so, so there!). Yet, these are subtle “pins.” Loophole!

Chanel silk dress

$8,300 for you on eBay, free for Chan Marshall ’cause she hangs out with fellow wierd glove-wearer Karl Lagerfeld.

If you’re interested, a biography recently came out about her:

Cat Power: A Good Woman by Elizabeth Goodman $11.92 (Barnes and Noble)
I was skeptical about how good this could possibly be, given Marshall’s basic unwillingness to say much in the few interviews I’d seen. The book’s real problem is the shitty style that the journalist uses. I’d only read it if it solved the following mystery:

Is that beauty mark real? In some close-ups her face is mole-free. Does she cover it up, or pencil it on? It’s just another one of those questions I put up there with “What is dark matter?”

Victoria’s Secret beauty mark kit ($2.99)

‘Spose these are more smudge-proof than eyeliner. The strange, trampy mini-tattoos are a bonus.


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