Wear Your Idolatry!

I recently saw an ad for bracelets made of guitar strings from a company called Wear Your Music.

My first thought? Pshhh. My bestie made me one of those back in ’05.

Probably after strumming it dead from glorious afternoons of practicing with our terrible band in his garage full of Dean Koontz novels and that “drum set” made of garbage cans and broken furniture. Then we ate soy cheese pizza while mosquitoes ate us. We listened “Fever to Tell” into the ground.

I also have a guitar pick necklace that was acquired in the same little era. My sister wore it, as did her cool best friend, as did her cool boyfriend whose pop-punk band brought teenage riot to its gigs at neighborhood pools and parks.

Music-inspired accessories can look lame sometimes (You love music? Wow! So does everyone else.), but nothing with memories attached needs defending.

WYM bracelets look sturdy and subtle (just don’t add the optional obviousness of a guitar-shaped charm) , but where’s the personal element?

Wear Your Music Guitar String Jewelry

There isn’t one if you get a “fashion” bracelet in one of the many colors available.


It’s the Artist series that’s interesting. WYM has recruited nearly 200 guitarists to give them their used strings (oh, the generosity!) to construct bracelets out of.

You order them online. Be prepared to happily wait a few weeks to ensure that your rock hero actually played something on those strings. Or at least enough time for him or her to buy a pack of Ernie Ball’s and throw it in the mail.

Proceeds go to whichever charity the guitarist chooses. You get to feel generous and obsessive at the same time.

Of course, not all strings are created equal. $75 gets you Willy Nelson’s discards. Keith Richards’ will set you back $500.


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