Go Get This, Go-Getters

It’s not easy having a Type A personality.

For all the nails I manage not to bite and teeth I don’t grind, perhaps I deserve to give in and buy myself this necklace I’ve been wanting:

Sweet Nothing heart necklace by In God We Trust, $44 at Fred Flare ($34 with code)

It’s 75 percent dainty, 25 percent tough. The brass pendants are engraved by hand, and you can choose from five different messages. My second favorite says “warp speed.” The others are funnier/stranger: “potato chips,” “fireworks” and “baby mama.”

They remind me of an awesome Parisian line called Locher’s. Designer Nicole Locher creates frilly, embroidered tops and grandmotherly handbags. But they won’t be mistaken for antiques. If you look closely, the phrases sewn in cursive say things like “I hate children” and “Bucks from hooking.” Hilarious.

Plus, Locher’s appears to have all its prices marked down right now.

It’s not a bad time to buy from Fred Flare’s online store, either. Take $10 off a purchase of $25 or more by entering the code “summer” at checkout. The deal is good until July 1.

I’ve never been to this popular New York shop, but the website is full of decent-looking clothes and gag gifts. If you had to describe the inventory with only one adjective, it would be “cute.”

These are a few things that would result from indiscriminate spending on my part:

Submarine infuser for loose tea leaves, $14

Jackson (Pollock, of course!) tube dress by Necessary Objects, $60

This is such an awesome dress. You’d need your picture taken with the following camera, which takes 4 pics within 1 second. They come out on a single print, each in a different color.

Pop Art color camera, $20

Faster than Warhol.


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