Bird Bone Jewelry

…No, not jewelry made from bird bones. Although that’s probably in the making somewhere and would look great with a Rodarte dress.

I’ve inherited my mother’s thin bones, resulting in witch-y fingers and wrists. We know all too well that being small in any way is usually a good thing in matters of fashion, unfortunately.

But ladies with “bird bones” also know that it’s nearly impossible to buy bangles or rings that won’t fall off unless you keep your forearms positioned at right angles all day.

For this reason, I’m quite excited to see stretch rings growing in availability. It’s not the most sophisticated sort of band, but with these babies, one size fits all really fits all!

“Black Heart” ring by Betsey Johnson, on sale for $19 at Nordstrom

Catalog Favorites 14k gold-plated textured ring, $24.98

Hinged bracelets are also wonderful.

Klea’s Double Frog Cuff bracelet, $54.95 at Linens-n-Things for reasons I don’t understand. But isn’t it strangely appealing?

Also: If two frogs kiss each other, do they turn into gay princes?

One more suggestion for the small-handed: toe rings worn as pinky rings.

Step 1. Wash it off

Step 2. Look pimpin’


3 thoughts on “Bird Bone Jewelry

  1. Another bird-boned gal here! (My grandma actually used to call me that: “Bird Bones.” Heh.)

    Thanks for this. Toe rings as finger rings? Why didn’t I think of that!? That’s perfect for me, since I tend to prefer band rings (instead of rings with a stone.)

    As for bracelets, I love ’em, but it’s a PITA to always have to get links taken out. (Who decided that 7 inches was “standard”?? For me, that’s an anklet!) Hinged bangles never work for me either. I usually stick to “open” bangles— the ones that are made as a loop of solid metal with a gap in it. You can slip those on and then squeeze them smaller. I also have a couple of simple chain bracelets that I got from… the children’s department! (Only trouble there is that if you like gold, you usually have to settle for 10 karat.)

    Another option: vintage jewelry (especially rings) tends to be a bit smaller. I ALWAYS stop for a garage sale with jewelry. (I also like vintage because it seems like they used a lot more silver back in the day, and that’s my favorite. Not a huge fan of gold.)

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