Vertical Striped Tights

If you like the fuzzy-gritty pop band Dum Dum Girls (or have browsed a fair amount of music journalism this year), you know that singer/guitarist Dee Dee never takes off her sheer, black, vertical striped tights. Seriously: they’ve been donned in every press photo, live photo, and when I saw her band play at South by Southwest a few months ago. My thoughts during that hot afternoon by the tented stage:

1)Here, girl with sensitive hearing, you can have my earplugs.


These are more mature, less Halloween than black and white horizontal stripes. Plus, they make your legs look a mile long.

Complete the look with black short shorts and red lipstick. Turn up the reverb on your amp and you’re all set.


3 thoughts on “Vertical Striped Tights

  1. so have you actually ordered and received these? I ordered some about a week and half ago. they said they would send a confirmation e-mail, they never did. I just sent a message asking if they had processed my order. Nothing. I’m wondering if this is actually a reputable site. do you have any personal experience?

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