Travel Wear for the Hostel or Hilton

My summer won’t involve a beach vacation or study abroad program. However, I’ll get to visit Seattle and Mt. Hood, Ore., on my way to my sister’s wedding in Portland. If you’re lucky enough to travel (may I suggest a Gulf Coast getaway at a rate of 90 percent off?), you know a fun and fashionable trip starts with packing a suitcase.

Remember the good ol’ days, about a century ago, when ladies arrived at railroad stations with a few servants carrying their train cases the size of coffins? Yeah, me neither. Traveling light is important. Here are a few items that conserve enough space to bring home souvenirs:

Polka Dot Bandeau Pencil Dress, American Apparel, $43 (take 15 percent off the red, white or blue version now through July 5 with code AAJULY4)

This can be worn as a skirt or dress, bandeau or halter. There are approximately a million ways to tie the straps, so you won’t get bored of wearing  it a few times, washing it in a hotel bathroom, then wearing it a few more times.

Urbanears Plattan headphones in Navy, $60 at Moxsie. (You might get an instant 15 percent off as a new customer, or you can save 10 percent by signing up for Moxsie’s newsletter.)

Aside from being cool headphones that come in eight different colors, these are ideal for travel. I’m not an ear bud kind of girl, so I like that these offer comfort, sound quality and hinge construction so you can fold them up for efficient packing. There’s a jack socket so your travel companion can share an in-flight movie or music with you if his or her iPod dies.

Sephora  dry oil spray, $3-8

It’s five ounces of leak-resistant loveliness. Who wants to apply lotion when it’s hot and/or sandy outside? This is a lightly perfumed moisturizer that absorbs quickly. You can also spray your hair to calm frizz or mask the smell of having stood around in a smokey bar too long. Unscented formulas can double as eye makeup remover and face moisturizer if your skin’s not too, um, youthful for adding intentional oil.

If your trips are anything like mine, remember: A disproportionate amount of pictures will be taken.

What do you always make sure to pack for a vacation?


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