A Judicial Review of All Nighter Spray

The reviews are in, and it turns out that reviews…are in. I plan to start doing product reviews because people hate buying things that suck. Reviews ensure that a little less of that happens.

The first defendant:

Urban Decay’s All Nighter makeup setting spray, $29 for 4 ounces

I usually just do my “makeup setting” with powder, but something about the matte porcelain doll look doesn’t jive with the dewy-but-not-sweaty ideal for summer skin. This mist claims to keep your makeup looking freshly applied for 16 hours. It’s supposed to prevent humidity melt-downs and basically see you through any wild night that could include but is not limited to sweating, crying, and hot tubbing.


This is at least an all day-er. After a few startling/refreshing sprays directly in the face, this stuff dries quickly and leaves no evidence. My makeup really does stay put, but a powder touch-up is still necessary to keep my nose from getting shiny. If you’re looking for oil control, you should probably try the De-Slick setting spray instead. Both are oil and paraben free.

I had a 20-hour day in which All Nighter started to fail me, but so did my vision and cognitive skills…so I think it’s decent.


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