Hajj Podge

Mystical jewelry that is tres sheik:

Filigree Hamsa necklace with turquoise epoxy, $9.99

Turkish evil eye ring with mother of pearl, $32.50

Antique 70s bone bracelet with green stone, $16 from seller ExoticBangles on Etsy.

I had to include this in light of my recent bone jewelry comment, although this certainly isn’t bird bone. But what kind of bones? I don’t know. I like the mystery AND the ethical gray area! But it’s so gorgeous…and hey, it was the 70s. For all I know it could be my own bones before I reincarnated into my current self. This completes the most spiritual jewelry justification ever.


3 thoughts on “Hajj Podge

  1. Hang on! When did the 70’s become “antique?!” This could be retro or even vintage, but antique?! Wearing your own bones as jewelry could be a new trend. (Where did I leave my baby teeth?)

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