Come for the Clothes Swap, Stay for the Circus

A new outfit can induce happiness and confidence in most people. But what will old, unwanted clothes get you? At the Hoopin’ Happy Hour and Clothing Swap, they’ll afford you an evening of fun and arts, new-to-you threads, and a likely case of the warm fuzzies.

Every Thursday and Friday from 5:00 to 7:30 p.m., the Vortex (2307 Manor Rd.) hosts a casual gathering where Austinites can trade clothes. It’s like free shopping! Participants are also encouraged to bring nonperishable foods to be donated along with any unclaimed clothes. Donations will be delivered to SafePlace, an Austin organization that assists victims of sexual and domestic violence.

The Vortex

It’s an opportunity to give back to the community and perhaps do some hula hooping concurrently. You can also get the scoop on all the awesome activities that you’d be hardpressed to find anywhere else ( tarot cards, shadow puppets and aerial silk classes, anyone?).

“It exposes people to arts they may not find at a general theater or couldn’t afford,” said Jessica Ryan, managing director at the east Austin venue.

“Swaps are fun to do,” she added, “It’s a creative time, and you can grab a beer.”

Drink specials include Lone Star, Shiner, and Cycle’s Gladiator wine

Ryan said the happy hour is a useful time for planning and promoting events at the Vortex. The next big initiative is called CircX, with performances set for July 25.

Jessica Ryan

She is also planning to start holding the clothing swap once per month instead of twice per week. The change is expected to bring more visitors together on a single night, resulting in more variety for clothing exchanges. I’ll update with the new schedule as soon as it’s made available.


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