Ottoman. And I Don’t Mean the Empire.

I’m in the process of furnishing and decorating an apartment. In reality, this means dusting off the unapologetically 60s kitchenware my grandmother used to own and searching Goodwill with my roommate for the least ghetto furniture therein. Still, I couldn’t help but do a little Windows shopping at the Urban Outfitters website. They had some nice decor for the type of student who doesn’t need to be bussed into campus on Cap Metro. Here’s something that made me feel something so different from jealousy that I had to share:

Pom Pom Ottoman, $128

….hahahaha. I’m not convinced that anyone needs an ottoman. But if you do, you certainly don’t need to pay $128 for it. Most of all, it should not involve pom poms. And the fabric itself is disgusting.

So stop acting like a cat didn’t throw this up, Urban Outfitters.

However, I’ll say that I’m tempted to buy one of these cute doormats at $18 a-peach.

“Home Sweet Apartment” doormat

“Keys, Phone, Wallet” reminder rug.


2 thoughts on “Ottoman. And I Don’t Mean the Empire.

  1. i’d stay away from the evils of Urban Outfitters. Try Room Service on Northloop. I just bought a huge chair there for $80. they also have really great mid century glassware.

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