I’m a Model Sort Of!

Most of these posts are about what I want. This one is about what I have!
Professional photographer Geoff Hammond teamed up with me for an original fashion shoot.  He takes seriously beautiful photos. What better way to show off a few of my favorite vintage finds?

DKNY top, Jacobies heels, vintage leather skirt and belly chain (worn as headband).

Nothing says “I’m a writer for today’s young, savvy audience” like posing with my beat-up Royal typewriter. We could have used his (he’s got some great antiques for doing a lot of old fashioned and retro pictures on iStock, but I got this sentimental chunk of metal for my 15th birthday.

Next comes an outfit for all your sophisticated garden party needs. The rain didn’t stop us from taking it outside!

Dolce and Gabbana dress, vintage hat, Geoff’s umbrella.

I’m kind of camera shy. When someone aims their lens at me at a party or something I instinctively just make a weird face. It seems that “unnatural” is my natural state. But Geoff and his lovely wife/assistant Martina were always ready with a joke to loosen me up.

American Apparel dress, Mossimo heels, vintage necklace and cocktail ring.

Check out more of his photography on his website,
, or his blog:


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