TGI Fall! Put Your Toes Away

Aside from indulging my near-fetish for nautical jewelry (anchors, rope, and starfish, oh my!), summer fashion doesn’t float my…boat. Shorts and sun dresses are comfortable, yes, but they get boring quickly. Mostly I’m welcoming the shift from summer to fall footwear.

First of all, I kind of hate flip flops. Last time I got a pedicure, I had to walk out of the salon in those disposable foam flip flops because I didn’t own any real ones. That’s because footwear should involve some component besides rubber and not annihilate your swagger. See how Crocs also fall into this category? And more controversially, rain boots? (Galoshes are good when they’re Burberry good, but have the potential to be so bad. Also, I bitterly abstain because when I started wearing them back in ye olde 2006 I got made fun of. WHO’S LAUGHING NOW? …Not me, still.)

So bad:

Ed Hardy, $32.99 on Amazon, but generally a waste of much more money than that.

Burberry good:

Burberry Riding Rubber Rain Boot, $275

Stomp through muddy puddles and still look sophisticated! Great for when a gentleman has not yet laid his jacket down for you to walk on because he didn’t realize you’re the classiest little thing ever.

Galosh tangent aside, I’ll go a step further: I prefer closed-toe everything. Why highlight your squished up toes? Why?

Regardless, I tried to be an open-minded participant this summer by buying a pair of flat, brown leather sandals at the start of the season. I think I wore them literally twice.

Fall will be a nice change. By “change” I mean I will continue to wear boots all the time, but now I will feel less hot and more seasonable.

The Archive leather boot by Madewell, $298

Mmmm. So simple, I’d probably want to wear them with everything.

I’m equally looking forward to fall clothing. And jackets! Military, trench, blazer, biker…I have to remind myself that the thermometer is still hitting 95 degrees here.

At least I managed to stay away from leggings and tights for several months. I’m kind of looking forward to the return of when doing the week’s laundry meant washing 7 pairs of black tights.

You don’t see any pictures of Edie Sedgwick in cutoffs now do you, hm?

Also, a fond farewell to bronzers. May your complexions get less Jersey Shore, more True Blood. Amen.


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