Katy Perry Embarrasses Cats

Katy Perry gets 10 points for having a cat named Kitty Purry, but she also gets negative 11 for her new perfume’s ad campaign:

As it turns out, the only rational way to hawk some celebrity-endorsed spritz in a cat-shaped bottle is to get on the floor in a revolting pleather bodysuit and seductively play with yarn.

I know I’ve bashed Perry’s style choices before, so I’d like to just say this is hilarious…but can her sense of humor be that good?

You have to make sure your pants are tighter than your man’s. This is what it comes to when your husband is Russell Brand. (Fingers crossed for him to come out with Eau de Man Leggings.)

At least her mini-line for OPI looks more appealing:

Specifically, I’m talking about the “Black Shatter” shade. That’s a really angsty name for a product by someone whose album cover involves a bed of cotton candy, but listen: You paint it on top of another color and as it dries, it cracks to let the color show through. You can have 10 MOSAICS without smashing any of your dishware!*

*If you need to make an actual mosaic, the safest method is to first wrap the dishes/pottery in a towel, set it on the floor, and then bludgeon it with a hammer.


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