Skincare to Keep your Face from Blowing Away

It’s a snow day! This arctic blast has reduced my fashion musings to “How many pairs of tights can I fit under my jeans?” and “How can I make a hijab out of a scarf?”

I’ve been slightly more successful with finding good winter skincare.

Something changed after high school — bills, maturity, blah blah…and my no-longer-shiny face knows what season it is. When temperatures drop, my face and hands get terribly dry. Here are several  (mostly drugstore!) products I can actually vouch for:

Garnier Moisture Rescue Fresh Cleansing Foam, $6

Misleading name because no foam is involved, but this cream removes makeup and grime without sucking away your face’s natural oils. You only need to use a little, so the tube lasts approximately 100 years.

Burt’s Bees Citrus Facial Scrub, $8

They say God made all things. I’m pretty sure he made this delicious-smelling scrub. You mix a pinch of it with water, scrub off all your flakiness, and then feel how absurdly smooth it leaves your skin. It’s “99.94 percent natural” and made with ground-up almonds and pecans, ideal for those who get snowed in and must resort to eating bath products to survive. The rest of us can simply enjoy the closest a sane person will get to the pleasure of rubbing pumpkin pie all over one’s face.

Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray, $9 for travel size at Ulta, $29 for full size

I’ve reviewed this stuff before because it’s awesome. Powder looks too, um, powdery on dry skin, so I set my makeup with a few spritzes of this and touch-ups become optional. It also comes in a moisturizing formula (“Dew Me”) and an oil-reducing one (“De-Slick”) that will probably be perfect come summertime. Oh summer, what an abstract idea…

Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream, $17

This was invented in 1930, and it’s still one of the most powerful moisturizers out there. Ms. Arden is said to have used it on the legs of her thoroughbred horses. All my many  racehorses are doing okay without $10-an-ounce lotion (and hopefully the Perrier in their troughs hasn’t frozen!), so I just use this on my hands at night. The smell can be described as medicinal or industrial, but it gets the job done.

And now for the cheapest thrill:

Johnson’s Lavender Baby Oil, $3.79 for 14 ounces

Not just for babies! This is a lovely winter alternative to perfume/lotions because you can slather your whole body with it and still not smell overpowering. Plus, wherever your gentleman’s nose may fall, your skin will smell supernaturally nice.  Lavender is a male aphrodisiac and a calming aroma-therapeutic for all. Boom. Baby oil is grown up.

Stay warm, friends!


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