Not Supporting the Gov’t and Other Hippie Things

There are two “good” ways to protest taxes in America.

1)      Become that crazy old dude who refuses to pay his unconstitutional income taxes and drunkenly brandishes his rifle at anyone who inhabits his lawn.

2)      Shop too much on tax-free weekend.

 Guess which one I did (Hint: It didn’t require a ratty bathrobe or delusions.)

 Here are my spoils, none of which helped pay for roads or schools and all of which benefit me exclusively. I can’t say the measly 8.25% savings were worth the crammed parking lots and long checkout lines, but I can say this with some confidence: I’m having a late summer hippie phase.

I hit some sales, wielded some coupons, and got the kind of deals I can only express in camera-phone still lifes in the backyard.

Good thing I didn’t spend all that money on true hippie things like marijuana and humus.


Gap 1969 mid-rise flared jeans, $14.95 (originally $59.95). I’ve already expressed my love for Gap’s denim, but I guess our relationship has been taken to the next level, because this skinny jeans devotee purchased damn-near bell bottoms. I was swayed by the combination the sale price, the intensely indigo wash, and my ankles’ yearning for freedom.

Atop the groovy jeans is a modern-day feather headdress from World Market (several aisles down from the imported Choco-shroom cookies), because I’m not about to get those things tied directly into my hair. Unfettered and unfeathered at a moment’s notice for $5.59. 


World Market oversized turquoise ring, $6.99


Demeter wildflower cologne set in Honeysuckle, Patchouli, and Freesia, $14.99. I had to get this set because I found it for cheaper than the going rate for one bottle of these wonderfully simple, single note perfumes. I already have Demeter’s less straightforward “Laundromat” scent, which is the classy version of Febreezing your clothes.

World Market  beaded ribbon necklace, $10.49

1st Kiss brown faux leather shorts, $14.99, and Gallery Leather Red Acadia planner with gold leaf pages, $16.96. Okay, so, religiously keeping a planner isn’t that free-spirited (especially when you buy a fresh copy of the one you already have 4 months in advance), but this planner, like my neurosis, is so charming and functional.


Old Navy jersey and linen tee, $14.50



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