Are Wigs Just for Halloween?

Question to myself: “Are [blank] just for Halloween?”

(That blank has been filled with any number of fashion risks, including fake eyelashes, Victorian Gothic dresses, sequined flapper headbands, 1920s felt hats, shoulder-padded blazers, etc.)

Answer to self: “Nahhh.”

I recently bought my first wig for a themed party and now understand the strange seduction of fake hair.

Of course, it wasn’t love at first sight. My first stop was a pop-up Halloween warehouse. You know, one of those purveyors of all things gross, “sexy,” and plastic splayed out in an attempt to fill one of your community’s department stores abandoned by the half-dead economy and faring none the better for it. Before this gets too Detroitian, I’ll just say the wigs looked more than scary on me. Most had been ripped out of and shoved back into their packaging enough times to create a ratty mess of a headdress.

A friend with some wig know-how recommended one of the better curated costume shops in town (The Bazaar Backstage), but before I could get there, I passed by Big Joy Wigs and Beauty. I was sure that a legitimate, everyday wig shop would have something that was striking and convincing in equal measures.

It was an awkward experience.

The place had House of Leaves-esque architecture, seemingly 10 times larger than it looked from the outside. Hundreds of wigs on vacant-faced mannequin heads lined the walls. Two bored employees ignored me until I started trying to shove my very long hair into a brunette bob. Apparently you need to purchase a wig cap for hygienic reasons if you’re going to try anything on. Embarrassed and compliantly sporting a little nylon sock on my head, I continued studying the hair extensions and signs with references to sewing things on. Enter confused white girl mode.

Luckily, a salesgirl guided me to a well made blonde wig that was only $20. She referred to it as “she,” which was kinda creepy, but nonetheless I appreciated her. And “her:”

Standin’ there in my [blonde] wig, like, ‘Who thinks they know who?

It’s fun to pretend you’re someone different once in a while. I’m looking forward to partying in this thing tomorrow night.

But does anyone have an idea for a Halloween costume I can build around this?

Or how to properly disguise a pair of red eyebrows?




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