Temporary Insanity

Why shouldn’t I get a tattoo? Because I own too many pencil skirts to rule out the possibility of a high-powered position in a major corporation.

Kidding. I just wouldn’t be able to make up my mind about a permanent design. That’s why temporary tattoos are perfect for me (and children.) Plus, you can enjoy admittedly dumb tattoos for a day, such as this little owl with a heart where its belly should be.

If there’s such a concept as vintage temporary tattoos, this belongs to it. I managed to hold on to a collection that I had as a kid (How Tavi of me!)

There’s hope for non-hoarders, though. Temporary tattoos specifically for adult women have been made by Chanel and Temptu. Rationalization: Check.

114 tattoos for $5!

Or mayhaps you just want to adorn your nails? I really like Sally Hansen nail polish strips, even if the prep and application steps take me at least 30 minutes.

Sally Hanson Salon Effects strips in Laced Up, $7.20

I’m happy they’re coming out with new designs seasonally now (the point of solid colors was lost on me) and that other brands are popping up. I might have to try these next:

Butter London Nail Skins in Black  Blue Wallpaper, $10

If you’re not decorating your nails with tiny crows, what are you doing with your life?


2 thoughts on “Temporary Insanity

  1. I love nail polish strips! The sally hansen ones are awesome, but don’t waste your time on the butter ones. Unlike the sallys they are really thick and papery like actual stickers. They crease on your nail and look awful. Plus they only last two days and are pretty expensive for looking like poo.
    Just sayin….

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