Orange You Glad?

By keeping one eye on the SXSW Interactive conference and spending some spring break leisure time perusing blogs, I finally accepted that the most (only?) viable form of fashion blog is the “personal style blog.” I haven’t posted many pictures of myself and my own outfits on Aesthetic Etiquette, mainly because it seemed awkward, but it’s not. It’s the simplest way to share inspiration and ideas with others when it comes to style. I still want to do more substantive posts in which writing is the focus, but I think inserting some outfit posts will make regular updates less daunting. This should be the case even though I don’t own a camera except for a janky Polaroid that eats gold for film and the one on my phone. I won’t even go into how I constructed a tripod (hint: it involved a TV stand, one shoe, and two Bingo daubbers.)

So, here’s what I wore yesterday when the sun came out after a three-day rainstorm. It needed some warmth modification for when I went out at night with a couple friends. We ended up just getting rice balls at the Love Balls truck and watching episodes of Archer.

Just, you know, half-smiling about doing a model-y stretch pose in sepia tone. I talked to a co-worker the other night about how the decade of a photograph can be guessed by the “feel” of it. That look is a product of technology, but perhaps one of taste, too.

We compared megapixels and I said how funny it was that phones come equipped with better cameras in the mini Age of Instagram. We take better pictures to subsequently run through apps that blur them and distort them to charming badness.

In color! Vintage denim shirt, American Apparel miniskirt, Michael Kors platforms

Wear something tangerine. Pantone says so.

I usually like denim shirts for their ability to toughen up an outfit, but I love how girly this one is with its eyelet  lace trim and lack of collar.

Essie nail polish in Coat Azure

A higher power left me these sandals on a Goodwill rack last summer. Mixed natural materials, chains and nails, AND that awesome cutout in the wedge? Dreams do come true.


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