Pearl Snaps, Pearl Studs

I did some reporting yesterday for an article on the Sustainable Food Center’s new East Austin farmers market. They’re doing some great things for people who live in a “food desert” and qualify for government food assistance. I had to skip my usual take-me-seriously blazer and heels combo for this assignment.

What to wear for a gloomy vernal equinox at the farmers market and the library?

Fake pearl earrings, a floral western shirt (from my Goodwill Outlet expedition), Gap grey denim leggings, Wanted tassel loafers, and Jason Wu for Target handbag

Ah, the soft geometry of Jason Wu. Raffia has never looked so proper. It must be the boxy structure and leather piping. I kept the tags on this thing for the longest time, worried I might have to return it to pay for groceries or bills. But I love it more than I hate eating Ramen noodles frequently. The American Dream could never get me like the Vogue Dream can.


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