The Witching Hour

Sometimes it’s a pleasure to dress specifically for nighttime. I’d look overly dramatic traipsing around at noon in this witch-y skirt. It felt just right when toned down with a cotton t-shirt and neutral platforms for a casual night out. No accessories, just houndstooth nails and Wet’n’Wild lipstick (wine-stained lips for cheaper than a glass of wine!)

Glamour Kills t-shirt, American Apparel chiffon skirt, Payless wedges

Hopefully the amount of American Apparel I wear (a lot, since I work there) won’t get boring too quickly. I got this skirt for, like, $6. I’m sure I wouldn’t have bought it under normal circumstances, but at this point, I love it. It’s kind of a double dare because it’s very sheer (I’m wearing shorts underneath it) and very long. It’s crazy that it took a couple years of maxi-skirt popularity for me to stop fearing them. Done right, even a 5’3″ woman can wear them without looking frumpy.

My definition of “right” is having one too-sexy-for-schoolteacher attribute, like fitted or sheer fabric or buttons running down the length of it, and preferably paired with heels.

I’m also hesitant about shirts with text, but the photographic suburban sunset on this one won me over. Plus, the phrase is satisfactorily oblique and set in a font that reminds me of Where the Wild Things Are.


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