Garage Rock

I promise some substantial posts will be on the way as soon as I push through the last of this semester.

parking garage

A garage was a slightly better setting for an all-black outfit than the following pretty, tiled background. I mean, butterflies.

white boots

Vintage tee, 2BWU jeans, vintage boots via Buffalo Exchange, Forever 21 cuff, rings and arrowhead necklace

Urban Outfitters skull ring, Hue leopard print socks, stone necklace given to me by a vagrant in Buffalo, NY

gold cuff

I’m smushing my face, taking a “selfie,” and using new vocabulary.

It was fun to revisit my middle school style and try to do it over. Unique white boots take the place of knee-high combat boots and none of the excessive jewelry involves pony beads or guitar picks this time.

How did you dress in your early teens? Do you hold on to certain things or cringe at all of it?




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