Jean Genie

The heat index is already breaking 100 degrees in Austin these days. I decided to sacrifice a pair of vintage Levi’s to the cutoff cause. I cuffed them for now, but hopefully they’ll get a nice fray going.

Thrifted and customized David Bowie t-shirt, Levi’s shorts, Deena & Ozzy belt and boots

I tried doing a half moon manicure, House of Holland style. I can’t decide yet if it’s artistic or simply too messy and WTF-ish.

I’ve been doing some milkmaid braids lately, despite being called Princess Leia by most males I encounter. (She wore buns, guys. Buns!) But it’s really easy to pin up braids in the morning. The messier they get by evening, the better. And it shows off my weird blonde streak!


2 thoughts on “Jean Genie

  1. I did a search for aesthetic etiquette after I created my blog on blogger and found yours. Since you have great taste in blog names I am following you now. I also love your style and I’m envious of your gorgeous hair!

    • Thanks! Claiming a good blog name isn’t easy. Pretty soon it will be like when the whole world used Yahoo! or HotMail and had to attach, like, 5 digits to the end of their name…
      Curse these modern times.

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