Rennes, France

It’s good to be home, but I could really get used to a city like Rennes, where I spent the last week of my trip. It’s half the size of Austin, but so compact that you have tons of restaurants, boutiques and events within walking distance. I could live in a beautiful apartment at the city’s center for less than the cost of living somewhere mediocre and poorly located in Austin. Texas city planning leans toward boring sprawl instead of this:

Atlas (dress) Found. The shopping situation has a nice mix. There are chain stores like H&M and Zara, lots of local shops, and a few vintage/second-hand stores.


Rennes’ cathedral, which has been there in some form since the 1500s.


One of two gorgeous public gardens


Tabhor Parc was my favorite reading spot. It’s huge and has a good selection of birds.


Lou and Greg Forever


The park is so well kept that people actually come to it in droves. Students lay in the fields, kids enjoy the playground, and everyone else can find a comfortable spot to read, draw, make out, etc. It struck me that I would like Zilker Park more if it had as many chairs around. And if it was located in France.


Here I am on the northern coast, wearing the worst hiking outfit ever.


Mont Saint-Michel is the second most visited destination in the country. It’s a tiny city barricaded against tides that recede a mile out, leaving a quicksand-y expanse of land that is beautiful and will ruin your shoes.


Dessert for breakfast (all the time)


Good ol’ rum again. It was the base of every cocktail I had.

I’m smiling, but also wondering where all the whiskey is…



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