YSL Should Sue Everyone

Maybe Yves Saint Laurent’s legal team is feeling exhausted and amicable after that year-and-a-half long battle with Christian Loubuton over shoes with red soles.

But have they failed to notice that it’s become a bona fide trend to rip off their logo?

Exhibit A:


Kill Brand You Seem Lost fleece, $55

Exhibit B:



Forever Strung Y LSD tee, $29.99, and earrings, $28

Exhibit C:


Luncchb0xx sweatshirt, $45

Exhibit D:


Skreened Y So Lame? tee, $24.99

YSL’s logo was apparently updated last summer in a rebranding, but the fashion house planned to hold on to the classic logo as well. Even if the brand is trying to move away from the signature interlocking letters, their legacy might be tarnished by rampant associations with hallucinogens and promiscuity. Just sayin’.

Etsy entrepreneurs and high street brands alike are profiting off this and other recognizable logos, including those of Chanel, Fendi and Gucci.

I don’t think they’re as harmful as true knock-offs (oxymoron!), because they’re not diverting from the brand’s sales or putting out low quality merchandise under their name. It’s just supposed to be funny. The market for this stuff might include the Kreayshawns of the world, but the biggest buyers are probably fashion types who love the designers and can appreciate the cheekiness.


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