Kathleen Hanna’s Back

Kathleen Hanna is back with a new album with her band, The Julie Ruin. I’ve never been the biggest fan of her music, but the couple of interviews I’ve stumbled upon were really inspiring. She was sick with Lyme disease for years, but emerged with an album. Rather than rehashing a certain 90s sound or clamoring to maintain relevance, she started writing again to feel like herself at a time when all she felt was sickness.

Photo by Joshua Bright

Photo by Joshua Bright

I didn’t educate myself on the Riot Grrl movement until I was 20. It was fascinating to me, and the fashion was alluring, too.

Photo by Linda Rosier

Photo by Linda Rosier

The Julie Ruin look and sound pretty good in “Oh Come On,” so Hanna’s songwriting might finally click for me the way many of her views on feminism already have. Here’s my favorite quote from her feature on All Things Considered: There are as many kinds of feminism as there are women in the world.


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