This blog contains my personal critiques and observations of current styles. I’ll tell you about it in the form of a personal.


  • Tired of fashion journalists telling you “what’s hot and what’s not,” or at least sick of them phrasing it that way
  • Frustrated by magazines that only feature clothes that cost more than your rent
  • Longing for someone who understands what a hip young thing you are


  • Journalism graduate from the University of Texas
  • In love with fashion, music and Austin, TX
  • Enthusiastic, judgmental (whichever is called for)

Let’s see where this goes.


A Note on Ethics:

I am not cool enough to have companies give me much for free. Regardless, you can rest assured that this blog will never be an advertising service. If I promote any product or service, it is my own opinion being shared for the purpose of entertainment, not the result of me receiving money or gifts.

I will also adhere to the “full disclosure” policy of honest fashion bloggers. If I feature any gifted item, it will be identified as such.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. My goodness, I started reading your blog today and I think it’s GREAT. You get what’s hip and you get it cheap! Also you’re hilarious, which is, of course, wonderful. Long story short, you got yourself a fan.

  2. I think am in love. My gosh your sense of style and and gorgeous eyes took my breath away.
    U are my platonic love from now on…. lol
    Ps: the guy on the pictures is not hot enough for yah, The French Guy gets closer but not enough yet 😉

  3. Hi! I have a modest hobby tumblr blog called “hot type” (typehot.tumblr.com) dedicated to photos & illustrations of beautiful, brilliant, and, frequently, undressed women using or posing with manual typewriters. (It surprised me to learn that it’s kind of a thing, going back to the earliest pin-ups and men’s mags.) The pictures of you with the portable Royal would be the crown jewels of the miniblog and lend its silly premise a bit of class. May I please repost them? I will of course credit Geoff Hammond and your blog or include any notes you would like. Love your style, by the way, both fashion and blog-wise.

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