Break from Hiatus

I’ve spiffed up my blog again (i.e. changing the theme and adding a header with my anonymized quads by the English seaside). I was fiercely loyal to a fashion-focused Instagram account during the interim,  but quite simply got bored of looking at myself. Rest assured, this will still be a crevice of the internet for one girl’s style and the selfies that entails, but I’ll make it more of a variety show.

I had to take an Insta-break after exploring my own love-hate in an article I wrote for Thought Catalog. But in the interest of catching up, here’s a series of snapshots from this summer:

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Rainy Day Linen


I’m glad I spent the 90s too young for belly button baring, because I just couldn’t do it. This is as daring as I get with midriff tops: simple and paired with something demure, like this linen wrap skirt. Suede oxfords and brass jewelry make for a look that’s, um, Southwestern Hippie Schoolteacher.

Top– American Apparel

Necklaces- vintage

Cuff- Forever 21

Skirt- vintage

Shoes– American Apparel

Quick! Get Dressed

… and don’t let it look like you were just planning to stay in watching Hulu and eating ice cream.

Mixing chiffon and an open knit top made for a breezy, summer night outfit. Texturally appealing, I dare say.

I party in these faux-litas, and that always involves more mud than expected.

Remember way back when horn jewelry was everywhere? I still haven’t given up these earrings because they’re the same color as my hair.

Two more of my favorite things: Nars lipstick in Funny Face and this vintage eagle necklace.

Top- Urban Outfitters

Skirt- American Apparel

Jewelry- Vintage

Boots- Glaze

Nature Reclaimed My Rusty Bike

…and now it only serves as a semi-artistic prop.

Pardon my sass in these photos. I needed to project confidence in case my neighbor came out and was like, “Why is your camera propped up on my car?”

Thrifted Libertine silk camisole, vintage skirt and bracelet, Charlotte Russe double finger ring

yellow sandals

As you can tell by the overgrowth and my footwear preferences, I don’t ride this bike a lot.

engraved bracelet

Stylish brass knuckles

The Witching Hour

Sometimes it’s a pleasure to dress specifically for nighttime. I’d look overly dramatic traipsing around at noon in this witch-y skirt. It felt just right when toned down with a cotton t-shirt and neutral platforms for a casual night out. No accessories, just houndstooth nails and Wet’n’Wild lipstick (wine-stained lips for cheaper than a glass of wine!)

Glamour Kills t-shirt, American Apparel chiffon skirt, Payless wedges

Hopefully the amount of American Apparel I wear (a lot, since I work there) won’t get boring too quickly. I got this skirt for, like, $6. I’m sure I wouldn’t have bought it under normal circumstances, but at this point, I love it. It’s kind of a double dare because it’s very sheer (I’m wearing shorts underneath it) and very long. It’s crazy that it took a couple years of maxi-skirt popularity for me to stop fearing them. Done right, even a 5’3″ woman can wear them without looking frumpy.

My definition of “right” is having one too-sexy-for-schoolteacher attribute, like fitted or sheer fabric or buttons running down the length of it, and preferably paired with heels.

I’m also hesitant about shirts with text, but the photographic suburban sunset on this one won me over. Plus, the phrase is satisfactorily oblique and set in a font that reminds me of Where the Wild Things Are.

Orange You Glad?

By keeping one eye on the SXSW Interactive conference and spending some spring break leisure time perusing blogs, I finally accepted that the most (only?) viable form of fashion blog is the “personal style blog.” I haven’t posted many pictures of myself and my own outfits on Aesthetic Etiquette, mainly because it seemed awkward, but it’s not. It’s the simplest way to share inspiration and ideas with others when it comes to style. I still want to do more substantive posts in which writing is the focus, but I think inserting some outfit posts will make regular updates less daunting. This should be the case even though I don’t own a camera except for a janky Polaroid that eats gold for film and the one on my phone. I won’t even go into how I constructed a tripod (hint: it involved a TV stand, one shoe, and two Bingo daubbers.)

So, here’s what I wore yesterday when the sun came out after a three-day rainstorm. It needed some warmth modification for when I went out at night with a couple friends. We ended up just getting rice balls at the Love Balls truck and watching episodes of Archer.

Just, you know, half-smiling about doing a model-y stretch pose in sepia tone. I talked to a co-worker the other night about how the decade of a photograph can be guessed by the “feel” of it. That look is a product of technology, but perhaps one of taste, too.

We compared megapixels and I said how funny it was that phones come equipped with better cameras in the mini Age of Instagram. We take better pictures to subsequently run through apps that blur them and distort them to charming badness.

In color! Vintage denim shirt, American Apparel miniskirt, Michael Kors platforms

Wear something tangerine. Pantone says so.

I usually like denim shirts for their ability to toughen up an outfit, but I love how girly this one is with its eyelet  lace trim and lack of collar.

Essie nail polish in Coat Azure

A higher power left me these sandals on a Goodwill rack last summer. Mixed natural materials, chains and nails, AND that awesome cutout in the wedge? Dreams do come true.