France, Part One

I’ve been on vacation for nearly two weeks now, resisting online updates in order to, you know, actually experience stuff. I’ve been writing summaries and taking lots of photos, though, so prepare for the barrage.

Packing for three weeks was a challenge, especially since I’m between apartments and everything was boxed up.

At the Airport: One needs an outfits that says, “Yes, I’m sleeping in public,” in that classy, business casual way…

Dress- Forever 21


Bag- Mulberry for Target 


Business and Pleasure

My apologies for not posting much recently. May has been the most, uh, dynamic month I’ve experienced in a very long time. Terrible things happened; amazing things happened. Less dramatic and more relevant: This outfit happened, too.

Gettin’ blazed: so wrong but so right with a slouchy, striped t-shirt and a tough chain necklace.

It’s nothing new (considering the success of “short suits” this spring), but I love an outfit that would be office appropriate if not for one irreverent item, like little pink denim shorts.

Urban Outfitters blazer, Target necklace, American Apparel tee, Forever 21 shorts, Enzo Angiolini loafers

Pearl Snaps, Pearl Studs

I did some reporting yesterday for an article on the Sustainable Food Center’s new East Austin farmers market. They’re doing some great things for people who live in a “food desert” and qualify for government food assistance. I had to skip my usual take-me-seriously blazer and heels combo for this assignment.

What to wear for a gloomy vernal equinox at the farmers market and the library?

Fake pearl earrings, a floral western shirt (from my Goodwill Outlet expedition), Gap grey denim leggings, Wanted tassel loafers, and Jason Wu for Target handbag

Ah, the soft geometry of Jason Wu. Raffia has never looked so proper. It must be the boxy structure and leather piping. I kept the tags on this thing for the longest time, worried I might have to return it to pay for groceries or bills. But I love it more than I hate eating Ramen noodles frequently. The American Dream could never get me like the Vogue Dream can.

For Those About to Rock

Photo by Thomas Allison

Albertus Swanepoel for Target hat – Urban Outfitters top – Forever 21 bustier – vintage necklace – Target belt – vintage shorts

Jessica Lee (of Sparkle and Stripes)  kindly featured me in an article about South by Southwest style for The Daily Texan, our university’s newspaper.

I’ll be working a lot during SXSW, but at least I’ll be just a block away from the free, back lot shows at UO. Can’t wait to see the lovely Eleanor Friedberger and Grimes on Saturday. So many choices, so little time. 

This Hat is Covered in Fur and Questions

Albertus Swanepoel for Target “Layla” hat, $19.99

Something happened when I was at Target buying shampoo and bakeware. I saw this ridiculous hat, tried it on, and posed awkwardly in the mirror with my coconut Suave and cookie sheet. It was designed by Albertus Swanepoel, who is apparently as good at hats as he is at having a cool name. It looked better than expected. It’s also called the “Layla” hat, which is one letter away from my name (Kayla), just like I was one cognitive process away from self-control. Sign from a higher power, most likely.

I bought it and vowed to return it if I come to my senses.

I don’t think I will.

These photos from Refinery 29 (albeit from two years ago…is it time for a comeback already?) make me think it’s a fashion risk worth taking.

…but the tags, the recipt, and the fact that it’s a big ‘ol furry hat remain.

I’m a Model Sort Of!

Most of these posts are about what I want. This one is about what I have!
Professional photographer Geoff Hammond teamed up with me for an original fashion shoot.  He takes seriously beautiful photos. What better way to show off a few of my favorite vintage finds?

DKNY top, Jacobies heels, vintage leather skirt and belly chain (worn as headband).

Nothing says “I’m a writer for today’s young, savvy audience” like posing with my beat-up Royal typewriter. We could have used his (he’s got some great antiques for doing a lot of old fashioned and retro pictures on iStock, but I got this sentimental chunk of metal for my 15th birthday.

Next comes an outfit for all your sophisticated garden party needs. The rain didn’t stop us from taking it outside!

Dolce and Gabbana dress, vintage hat, Geoff’s umbrella.

I’m kind of camera shy. When someone aims their lens at me at a party or something I instinctively just make a weird face. It seems that “unnatural” is my natural state. But Geoff and his lovely wife/assistant Martina were always ready with a joke to loosen me up.

American Apparel dress, Mossimo heels, vintage necklace and cocktail ring.

Check out more of his photography on his website,
, or his blog: