Break from Hiatus

I’ve spiffed up my blog again (i.e. changing the theme and adding a header with my anonymized quads by the English seaside). I was fiercely loyal to a fashion-focused Instagram account during the interim,  but quite simply got bored of looking at myself. Rest assured, this will still be a crevice of the internet for one girl’s style and the selfies that entails, but I’ll make it more of a variety show.

I had to take an Insta-break after exploring my own love-hate in an article I wrote for Thought Catalog. But in the interest of catching up, here’s a series of snapshots from this summer:

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YSL Should Sue Everyone

Maybe Yves Saint Laurent’s legal team is feeling exhausted and amicable after that year-and-a-half long battle with Christian Loubuton over shoes with red soles.

But have they failed to notice that it’s become a bona fide trend to rip off their logo?

Exhibit A:


Kill Brand You Seem Lost fleece, $55

Exhibit B:



Forever Strung Y LSD tee, $29.99, and earrings, $28

Exhibit C:


Luncchb0xx sweatshirt, $45

Exhibit D:


Skreened Y So Lame? tee, $24.99

YSL’s logo was apparently updated last summer in a rebranding, but the fashion house planned to hold on to the classic logo as well. Even if the brand is trying to move away from the signature interlocking letters, their legacy might be tarnished by rampant associations with hallucinogens and promiscuity. Just sayin’.

Etsy entrepreneurs and high street brands alike are profiting off this and other recognizable logos, including those of Chanel, Fendi and Gucci.

I don’t think they’re as harmful as true knock-offs (oxymoron!), because they’re not diverting from the brand’s sales or putting out low quality merchandise under their name. It’s just supposed to be funny. The market for this stuff might include the Kreayshawns of the world, but the biggest buyers are probably fashion types who love the designers and can appreciate the cheekiness.

The Glitter in the Dark

The glitter in the dark
Tomorrow’s forecast predicts a high of 82 degrees, so I’ll have to stretch the definition of fall fashion. The bad news: my wool cape, scarves and leather gloves haven’t been pulled from the closet yet. The good news: I can keep dressing in floaty, sheer layers. Slap on some embellishments, and I do believe it’s what they call holiday dressing. Above are some confections I gravitated to immediately after watching Bat for Lashes’ video for “Laura.”  I judge musicians by how earnestly they can say “superstar” without me wincing. So, I think I’m in love.

Rainy Day Linen


I’m glad I spent the 90s too young for belly button baring, because I just couldn’t do it. This is as daring as I get with midriff tops: simple and paired with something demure, like this linen wrap skirt. Suede oxfords and brass jewelry make for a look that’s, um, Southwestern Hippie Schoolteacher.

Top– American Apparel

Necklaces- vintage

Cuff- Forever 21

Skirt- vintage

Shoes– American Apparel

Jean Genie

The heat index is already breaking 100 degrees in Austin these days. I decided to sacrifice a pair of vintage Levi’s to the cutoff cause. I cuffed them for now, but hopefully they’ll get a nice fray going.

Thrifted and customized David Bowie t-shirt, Levi’s shorts, Deena & Ozzy belt and boots

I tried doing a half moon manicure, House of Holland style. I can’t decide yet if it’s artistic or simply too messy and WTF-ish.

I’ve been doing some milkmaid braids lately, despite being called Princess Leia by most males I encounter. (She wore buns, guys. Buns!) But it’s really easy to pin up braids in the morning. The messier they get by evening, the better. And it shows off my weird blonde streak!

Business and Pleasure

My apologies for not posting much recently. May has been the most, uh, dynamic month I’ve experienced in a very long time. Terrible things happened; amazing things happened. Less dramatic and more relevant: This outfit happened, too.

Gettin’ blazed: so wrong but so right with a slouchy, striped t-shirt and a tough chain necklace.

It’s nothing new (considering the success of “short suits” this spring), but I love an outfit that would be office appropriate if not for one irreverent item, like little pink denim shorts.

Urban Outfitters blazer, Target necklace, American Apparel tee, Forever 21 shorts, Enzo Angiolini loafers

Garage Rock

I promise some substantial posts will be on the way as soon as I push through the last of this semester.

parking garage

A garage was a slightly better setting for an all-black outfit than the following pretty, tiled background. I mean, butterflies.

white boots

Vintage tee, 2BWU jeans, vintage boots via Buffalo Exchange, Forever 21 cuff, rings and arrowhead necklace

Urban Outfitters skull ring, Hue leopard print socks, stone necklace given to me by a vagrant in Buffalo, NY

gold cuff

I’m smushing my face, taking a “selfie,” and using new vocabulary.

It was fun to revisit my middle school style and try to do it over. Unique white boots take the place of knee-high combat boots and none of the excessive jewelry involves pony beads or guitar picks this time.

How did you dress in your early teens? Do you hold on to certain things or cringe at all of it?