Break from Hiatus

I’ve spiffed up my blog again (i.e. changing the theme and adding a header with my anonymized quads by the English seaside). I was fiercely loyal to a fashion-focused Instagram account during the interim,  but quite simply got bored of looking at myself. Rest assured, this will still be a crevice of the internet for one girl’s style and the selfies that entails, but I’ll make it more of a variety show.

I had to take an Insta-break after exploring my own love-hate in an article I wrote for Thought Catalog. But in the interest of catching up, here’s a series of snapshots from this summer:

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SXSW Trends

South by Southwest was lame for me this year, especially compared to last year. This time, over 30,600 paying attendees and about one billion random people who felt like basting themselves in free booze convened to turn the city into a loud, gridlocked, wonderful and terrible week-long party. One truth holds each year: SXSW is a great place for style watching. Here are a few trends I spotted on cool girls waiting in lines and looking lost:

1. Cutouts


Nasty Gal Candy Cut dress, $58

Cutouts have long been the sexy detail of choice for dresses and tops, but they’re especially perfect for the premature swelter of spring in Texas.

2. Twee Minidresses


Pop Boutique shift dress, $42

1960s styles are enjoying a thorough replay lately, and I love it. Peter Pan collars, straight cuts and short hemlines are going strong.

3. Prints

minkpink shorts

MINKPINK shorts, $69

Usually I roll my eyes when prints are called a trend. (You know what else is in style? Clothes! And colors are having a moment!) But prints were the focal point if not the whole point of outfits. Festival goers wore them on tops, bottoms or both.

4. Open-back tops


Asos knot tank, $37

I spotted this breezy style on several girls. Give your stomach a break from crop tops and try showing a little lower back instead.

5. Embellished shorts


Rag & Bone Highclare shorts, $255

Spikes, patterns, patches, colors and fraying jazzed up the music festival staple.

Basically: Minimalism is nowhere to be found. Pile it on, mix it up, and maybe even power clash.

Quick! Get Dressed

… and don’t let it look like you were just planning to stay in watching Hulu and eating ice cream.

Mixing chiffon and an open knit top made for a breezy, summer night outfit. Texturally appealing, I dare say.

I party in these faux-litas, and that always involves more mud than expected.

Remember way back when horn jewelry was everywhere? I still haven’t given up these earrings because they’re the same color as my hair.

Two more of my favorite things: Nars lipstick in Funny Face and this vintage eagle necklace.

Top- Urban Outfitters

Skirt- American Apparel

Jewelry- Vintage

Boots- Glaze

Business and Pleasure

My apologies for not posting much recently. May has been the most, uh, dynamic month I’ve experienced in a very long time. Terrible things happened; amazing things happened. Less dramatic and more relevant: This outfit happened, too.

Gettin’ blazed: so wrong but so right with a slouchy, striped t-shirt and a tough chain necklace.

It’s nothing new (considering the success of “short suits” this spring), but I love an outfit that would be office appropriate if not for one irreverent item, like little pink denim shorts.

Urban Outfitters blazer, Target necklace, American Apparel tee, Forever 21 shorts, Enzo Angiolini loafers

Garage Rock

I promise some substantial posts will be on the way as soon as I push through the last of this semester.

parking garage

A garage was a slightly better setting for an all-black outfit than the following pretty, tiled background. I mean, butterflies.

white boots

Vintage tee, 2BWU jeans, vintage boots via Buffalo Exchange, Forever 21 cuff, rings and arrowhead necklace

Urban Outfitters skull ring, Hue leopard print socks, stone necklace given to me by a vagrant in Buffalo, NY

gold cuff

I’m smushing my face, taking a “selfie,” and using new vocabulary.

It was fun to revisit my middle school style and try to do it over. Unique white boots take the place of knee-high combat boots and none of the excessive jewelry involves pony beads or guitar picks this time.

How did you dress in your early teens? Do you hold on to certain things or cringe at all of it?



South By Southwest

I didn’t hit SXSW too hard this year, and I think that’s what made it so pleasant. I spent more time at friends’ houses than at venues this week. I had one hour-plus driving experience within a three mile radius, with suicidal pedestrians outnumbering parking spots 5,000 to one. I stuck to out-of-the-way venues with free shows that I knew I wanted to see. As a result, I made it through with more money than I started with, minimal hangovers, and some semblance of rejuvenation to start this week.

I got photographed for the Urban Outfitters blog. I wasted this little moment of style exposure on nearly the same outfit as my other, uh, press. At least I can say I follow my own advice.

This was taken right before I fell in love with Eleanor Friedberger again. I’d seen her play with the Fiery Furnaces before, all scowls and miss-matched clothes, flying through the awkward lyrics as if auctioning off absurdity. Seeing her alone with her accoustic guitar doing some songs off Last Summer cemented my opinion that she can tell touching, authentic stories that are just as interesting without the bells and whistles of Fiery Furnace songs.

Some other bands:

Best Coast

My friend used a little deception and a few connections to sneak us past a huge line of grouchy teenagers to see this show. We caught the last few songs. It was exactly what I expected, except I expected the free beer to not have run out.

The Strange Boys

So good. Everyone seemed happy to be crammed together under the disco ball for this experience.

Light Asylum

I was resistant to this harsh Brooklyn duo. It seemed designed for eardrum assault, and it was not a good match for a sunny afternoon under a tent. Between songs, Shannon Funchess quit singing like an opera understudy of doom to plug their new album too much and make vague quasi-political statements. But if I said I didn’t do a bit of dancing it would be a lie.


Okay, fine, Pitchfork. I’m becoming the stereotypical girl who’s entranced by Grimes. Visions is a refreshing album, and she performs that music like a damn MAGICIAN. She was sick during the show I saw, but hit her signature high notes as best as she could. She’s like a riot grrl for 2012, although she has a totally different sound, audience, etc. It’s in the way that she shrieks instead of crooning, performs like Lykke Li but runs her own show (instead of just banging the occasional drum), and dresses like a 10-year-old without parents. She’s that geeky girl you really should have sat next to in the middle school cafeteria.

Psychic Ills/ Crocodiles

Man, I don’t know. The beer was free.

For Those About to Rock

Photo by Thomas Allison

Albertus Swanepoel for Target hat – Urban Outfitters top – Forever 21 bustier – vintage necklace – Target belt – vintage shorts

Jessica Lee (of Sparkle and Stripes)  kindly featured me in an article about South by Southwest style for The Daily Texan, our university’s newspaper.

I’ll be working a lot during SXSW, but at least I’ll be just a block away from the free, back lot shows at UO. Can’t wait to see the lovely Eleanor Friedberger and Grimes on Saturday. So many choices, so little time. 

Ottoman. And I Don’t Mean the Empire.

I’m in the process of furnishing and decorating an apartment. In reality, this means dusting off the unapologetically 60s kitchenware my grandmother used to own and searching Goodwill with my roommate for the least ghetto furniture therein. Still, I couldn’t help but do a little Windows shopping at the Urban Outfitters website. They had some nice decor for the type of student who doesn’t need to be bussed into campus on Cap Metro. Here’s something that made me feel something so different from jealousy that I had to share:

Pom Pom Ottoman, $128

….hahahaha. I’m not convinced that anyone needs an ottoman. But if you do, you certainly don’t need to pay $128 for it. Most of all, it should not involve pom poms. And the fabric itself is disgusting.

So stop acting like a cat didn’t throw this up, Urban Outfitters.

However, I’ll say that I’m tempted to buy one of these cute doormats at $18 a-peach.

“Home Sweet Apartment” doormat

“Keys, Phone, Wallet” reminder rug.